2 Timothy 1=7Serve valiantly, endure patiently, suffer triumphantly

The Spirit of fear:

God does not want the believer to be a coward, be intimidated or fearful. The fear of man is the greatest hindrance to the gospel. If you are intimidated by the thoughts of others, you will hinder the gifts God has placed inside you. The limitations in the minds of men should not be interpreted as limitation in the mind of God.

The spirit of power

Courage and fortitude are bestowed on the believer by almighty God. It gives the believer the power to pray through difficulties and oppose the spiritual opposition to the preaching of the gospel. Limitations in the minds of others can hinder the gospel work.

The love of God

Jesus Christ died to save sinners. He was a lover of human souls. The love of God should motivate every believer to win souls for Jesus, even in the face of opposition. Ultimately, the conversion of a lost soul belongs to God, and not any man.

Whatever gifts God has placed in you, use for His glory and honour. Do not be intimidated by the boxes in the minds of others. The Holy Spirit moves without limitation, He cannot be contained and neither should the believer in Jesus Christ. Thank-God for what he did on the Cross. The chains of limitation have been broken!

©Ruth E. A. Dickson UK

#Breakingboxes #BreakingLimitations #Castingdownwickedimaginations #Movingforward #Ahighercall


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