Psalm-86-4Nearness to Jesus brings joy.
The nearer you are to Jesus, the greater your joy will be. Drawing away from Jesus brings a cocktail of sorrows. The foxes always look for the stragglers…those who are left behind. The sheep hear the voice of the Shepherd and they follow…

A soul bowed down with disappointment needs a strong shoulder to lift it up. What can raise up a despondent soul? Nothing, but the name of Jesus. The sweetest name a person can ever know. The name that stands far above every other name.

He is full of grace and compassion the lifter of your soul. Give him the praise He truly deserves. He is the glory and lifter of your head.

“But you, LORD, are a shield around me, my glory, the One who lifts my head high.” (Psalm 3:3)
Woooaaah! O what a powerful scripture. I leave you with this one…
©Ruth E.A.Dickson UK (Christian Author)
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