Penal Substitute

Christ our penal substitute

When Adam sinned, he transferred this sin to every human being that lived, lives and is yet to live. Every human being must understand this vital thing. Each and everyone of us has sinned in Adam. A person may object to this statement by saying, “what about the unborn child.” Would it be not be unjust to pass such judgement upon an unborn child. Where is the justice of substituting an innocent child for the guilt of Adam? Isn’t God love? Why would He be so vindictive? Doesn’t God’s Word say, we should forgive those who trespass against us? (Matthew 6:12). Shouldn’t it be the Sin itself that deserves the penalty and not the sinner?

The Morality of God

By what, or whose standard is Sin judged? Who has the highest authority or final say in this matter? Surely there must be a moral standard to which every action is deemed good or bad? There must be a place of divine justice. A natural Judge can pronounce a person guilty, while Sovereign Law says, “not guilty!” The guilt of Israel did not suffice according to Almighty God, even though they were guilty… (Jeremiah 50:20). Though Israel was pronounced not guilty, it does not mean that their sin did not exist…

A penal substitute

The guilt of Sin is transferred to Christ, He is our divine substitute. He is the corner-stone, the one who holds up the building of God’s broken image. Jesus Christ is our redeemer and restorer. He is Christ, our penal substitute.

Jesus was a completely innocent man (1Peter 1:22). The guilt of Sin could not be passed onto any other person. There is Sovereign rule on this earth and under the moral Government of Almighty God, only a completely guiltless person can take the sin of a guilty person.

The sin of every believer has been divinely imputed to a divine substitute and redeemer. His name is Jesus Christ. As we celebrate this Easter, I pray that you will think deeply about this substitution and what it really means to you…

Have a really blessed Easter,

From Ruth Dickson

©Ruth Dickson UK (Christian Author)

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