A New Life

Easter Portrait4

The person in right standing with God has not done so by their own abilities or good deeds. Their righteousness is found in Christ.

Through his faithfulness, God displayed Jesus as the place of sacrifice where mercy is found by means of his blood. He did this to demonstrate his righteousness in passing over sins that happened before…” Romans 3:25

Paul’s hearts desire was to be like Christ: to know Him more, to know the power of His resurrection and identify with His sufferings. Sanctification is being made more like Jesus and this is what Paul longed for. Justification makes us right with God. Paul desired to know the power of Christ’s death, the power in the blood that was shed. We should strongly desire this knowledge, just like Paul did.

I pray today, your desire will be like Paul’s: to know the power of His resurrection; to conform to His image and die daily to self, selfish desires and sin.

©Ruth Dickson UK (Christian Author)

#Easter2016 #Sanctification #Justification #Philippians3:10 #Romans3:25 #Sin #Salvation #Resurrection #NewBirth #NewLife


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