The New BirthThe New Birth: a new day, a new start

Burst forth into this day with thanksgiving.

When you consider what God has done, you will realise there are uncountable reasons to come before God every day with thanksgiving.

A regenerated person is someone who has gone through a new spiritual birth. Jesus said to Nichodemus in John 3:7 “You must be born again.” What he meant was that Nicodemus must be regenerated. Regeneration is a work of grace, and this work of grace begins in the life of all who come to faith in Christ.

Jesus Christ has given you a complete new beginning. When you hear of someone starting life over, we say the person has been given a new start. This is just like Spiritual New birth. It gives you a new start, with a new nature and a new heart (Ezekiel 36:2627). This can only be given by God. Let us consider what the New Birth really means. It means God has given you a brand new start. A complete NEW BEGINNING. Today is a new day, bless the name of Jesus. Celebrate the New Birth!!!

Rejoice, Celebrate and be glad! Halleluya!
©Ruth Dickson UK (Christian Author)
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