The full meaning of the Helmet of Salvation can be found in 1 Thess 5:8. It says we should wear “the hope of Salvation as a helmet.”


A soldier cannot live without Hope: the hope of survival until the last battle is fought. Hope is like a helmet and shield, a grace that the Christian Soldier needs everyday. In the face of the greatest danger, a person with hope will be calm and confident. Hope will support you in the greatest trial and affliction. Where the person without Hope will fall to pieces, the person with Hope will overcome. The person who believes in Christ has Hope because there is someone stronger than the believer who carries their burdens.

“Hope” is a word that points to the future. It is the blessed assurance to all who believe. There is nothing uncertain about Hope in Salvation. It is assured to all who have placed their Hope on the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the “Hope of Salvation.”

Keep the day of the Lord in mind. Christ will surely return. Though His return seems delayed, do not be discouraged. His return shall be glorious for all who believe in Him. Trust in the promises of God and look forward to Heaven. Put on “The Helmet of Salvation.”

©Ruth Dickson UK (Christian Author)

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