It is very hard to tempt or derail a person consumed with Christ. The person consumed with Christ stands in an elevated position. They look onwards and upwards from the view of an ascending ladder of hope. They see something far greater, an expectation and divine honour, that can only be bestowed by a King. A distracted solider will find themselves in the place of sin and temptation, their head uncovered…

The Helmet provides protection for the soldiers head. Every believer is a soldier in God’s Army. The helmet provides protection from the daily assaults of the enemy. It protects the believer’s mind and in the process strengthens the heart. David’s strength was in the Lord and he could confidently say, “Though a mighty army surrounds me, my heart will not fear, even if I am attacked, I will remain confident” (Psalm 27:3). The soldier in Christ ever rejoices in hope. David was able to declare boldly, “Now shall mine head be lifted up above mine enemies round about me.” (Psalm 27:6). I pray this will be the song of every genuine child of God.

The mind needs to be nourished and fed with the divine Truth. This can only come from the Word of God. A well fed mind will stand firm in the day of battle. The mind is a delicate place and it can easily break down if it is not fortified with God’s Word. To see, as God sees, is to see through a magnifying lens. You will see clearly.

1 Peter 5:10 describes God as “the God of all grace.”  He is a giver and the giver of the “Helmet of Salvation.” It is a gift bestowed by God. He is a warrior and the giver of Salvation (Isaiah 59:17). Trust in the promises of God today. Walk out victoriously
©Ruth Dickson UK (Christian Author)
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