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Ephesians-6-13The believer in Christ must recognise the attacks of the enemy. These attacks can be so subtle. Every believer in Jesus Christ must learn from Adam’s mistake. Though Adam was made perfect by God, he was still cleverly attacked.  This attack had a devastating effect on humanity.  Earth is now a broken world with broken people. Adam, God’s perfect creation, broken by disobedience.

If satan attacked Adam, he can attack anyone.

Have you ever watched documentaries of how animals catch their Prey? There are loads of documentaries to watch on the Geographic Channel. You’ll notice predators go for the weakest link; the stragglers, the young; the animals that are left behind and separated from the rest of the flock.

When you are too busy for personal communion with God, so busy that you cannot go to church, so swamped you cannot pray, so occupied that you cannot fellowship with other…

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