The battle is not against human-beings: Part 1Ephesians-6-12

When human-beings come against a believer, they are being controlled by evil spirits. The Sabeans were sent by satan to overrun and plunder the life of Job. Demonic powers control the minds of those who fight the gospel and Ministers of the gospel. . They act as emissaries of satan to carry out works of wickedness against the believer. They are described as people “prostituted to the devil’s service” – Augustine.

You cannot go into battle alone.

The Lord of Hosts is the one who fights the battle. The believer does not fight this battle on their own. The Angel of the Lord went ahead of Moses (Exodus 33), he never ventured out alone. Before Jacob met with Esau, he cried out to God. (Genesis 32). David prayed that the counsel of Ahithophel be turned into foolishness in 2 Samuel 15:31. God answered his prayers because David’s enemy took his own life.

In the ancient days, wrestlers would anoint themselves with oil so that their opponents would not be able to take hold onto any part of their body. This is the same way every believer today should be careful to cover themselves with God’s Word. Sin will give the enemy an advantage. Sin can be described as an engine to which satan is the engineer. The believer must use God’s Word to fight. When The Accuser comes to accuse the Saint, he will find nothing but the spirit of holiness, to scorch him and burn his accusations to ashes.

Brothers and sisters in Christ be encouraged today. The battle belongs to The Lord. The Lord of Hosts will go before you and fight your battles. The inward battle of Sin will not have its way, neither will external battles overrun you in Jesus name, Amen.
©Ruth Dickson Author UK Christian Author
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