1 Corinthians 13-3If I give away all my possessions to feed the needy, but have no love or compassion for those in need, these outward works of self-righteousness are completely worthless. Ananias and Sapphira were caught up, but caught out, with the desire to impress others (Acts 5:1-5). The Pharisee was caught out in Luke 18: 11, 12 when he considered himself sinless, compared to everyone else. Paul said that even if he gave his body to be burnt, like a martyr, for the sake of the gospel, “it profits me nothing”. (1Cor. 13:3).

Self-righteous religious works and efforts mean nothing to God. They can gain no one entry into Heaven. If a person does not love Christ, but carries out external works in His name, it is waste of time. It may look great in the eyes of men, but it means absolutely nothing in the eyes of God.

Love is commandment given by Jesus Christ (John 15:12)
Love is the evidence of salvation (John 13: 35).
Love is the fruit of the indwelling Spirit (Gal.5:22).

A person can have everything, but without love, he or she is nothing. It is as simple as that. To love, is what God has commanded us to do. To truly love Him with all our hearts and to love others, as we love ourselves (Matthew 22:28-39).
©Ruth Dickson Author UK Christian Author 5.2.15

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