1Cor  13 2“Eloquent preaching without love is empty elocution.” – Wayne Detzler

Prophecy, the knowledge and understanding of scripture, the kind of faith that can move mountains means nothing without Love.

Without Love, the gift of prophecy is meaningless.

Without Love, the mysteries of scripture are pointless.

Without Love, the knowledge of the most glorious and hidden things are useless.

Without Love, the faith of miracles to move mountains (Matthew 17:20) is empty.

Without brotherly Love, I am nothing!

Greatness in the eyes of men, is not greatness in the eyes of God.

To be devoid of Love is to lack everything. Jesus used the example of faith that can move mountains in Matthew 17:20. The ability to move mountains; such great faith, with an empty heart, moves nothing. Without Love a person possesses nothing. The greatest Servants of God, and the most gifted Prophets are nobodies without Love.

Balaam the Prophet, was a Prophet without Love (Num. 23-24). Caiaphas (John 11:50), the high priest, spoke high words without Love for Jesus. Judas Iscariot loved money, but did not Love the Lord. Jesus testified that on the last day, many would protest by saying they did many great works on earth, when they find no place in Heaven. Their works, meaningless, before God.

LOVE is greater than the greatest spiritual abilities. I pray every believer will have the Agape kind of Love. This kind of Love has only one source: Jesus Christ. May you be the bearer and giver of this kind of Love. I pray this love will affect every one around you. May it shine blazingly from within. May it glow brilliantly to a dark, cold and corrupt world. Amen.

©Ruth Dickson Author UK  Christian Author 4.2.16

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