cropped-htm-logo-landscape.pngA treasure is something hidden, reserved, valuable, precious, a cache of great wealth, a fortune, an assortment of precious jewels. A treasure, when found, is of unparalleled value to the person who finds it.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is compared to a treasure because it holds something so costly. A treasure is called a “treasure” because it is hidden. It consists of such rich truth, eternal truth, rich promises, precious gems, rich blessings such as: redemption, sanctification and justification. These rich and precious promises display the riches of God’s grace and mercy that can only be found in Jesus Christ.
As glorious, dazzling and magnificent the beauty of this treasure: it is found in “earthen vessels.” These “earthen vessels” are the ministers God uses.

These are ordinary people God gives such a noble and sublime task, to take this treasured gospel to a world of people held hostage to sin. These “earthen vessels” are often chipped, cracked, broken, damaged weak and frail creatures. An earthen vessel is made out of clay…not a very pretty substance to hold. A jar of clay, lined up and compared with jars made out of porcelain and other precious materials will not be chosen by a buyer. But God purposely uses these unlikely instruments, jars of clay, instruments of grace, that He might have the glory (1 Corinthians 1:26-29).

God is a jealous God and will never share His glory with another. The more weathered and weaker the vessel, the stronger His power and glory is displayed, that all may know that it is the work of God and not men. His strength is more visibly displayed in a broken and weak vessel. A strong vessel will attribute the glory of God to itself. God desires that He, not they, might be praised and glorified.

©Ruth Dickson Author UK  Christian Author

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