thanks be toThere is only one voice that can truly lift ones heart from an abyss of sadness. It is the one and only “voice of The Lord.” It is the voice that pops open deaf ears, it is the voice that makes a person complete, it is the voice that lifts up the spirit. The voice of the Lord is joy that comes in the morning, no matter how dark the night has been. The voice of the Lord produces sweet notes of love, yes the loving-kind voice of the Lord.

“In thee do I trust”
Those who are totally dependent on Jesus will never be put to shame. This kind of faith cannot be shaken by the external. Our spiritual senses can detect and separate the voice of the Lord from the voice of satan. Deep calls to deep (Psalm 42:7). The voice of satan is very shallow. The Lord causes us to hear and to know His voice, because the sheep know the voice of their shepherd. “My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me” – John 10:27.

Those who listen to the Lord are bestowed with heavenly knowledge. He is a guide to those who ask for direction (Psalm 119:105, 25:5, Proverbs 14:12). David constantly asked the Lord to lead and direct him. The Lord was no stranger to him. Those who ask the Lord undoubtedly receive answers to their prayers, He directs their paths. As believers, how will we know what to do if we do not ask?

Hope that is placed upon self will be like sea at the sea-shore, tossed to and fro, but faith that is based upon God will be like a resilient ship , it will never sink, no matter the storm. God has the ability to lift up the downcast soul, no matter how low it has sunk. Jesus is the glory and the lifter of our souls.

Let us remember David whenever we are downcast. Lift up your soul to the the lifter of souls.
© Ruth Dickson Online Evangelism#RuthDicksonAuthorUK 19.10.15
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