weekly post 7The miracles Jesus performed aroused the attention of a whole nation: Syria. The miracles He performed confirmed His ministry as multitudes drew near to hear Him speak. He preached to a lost and cretinous generation.  Jesus was not afraid of preaching. He raised twelve disciples to follow in His footsteps. These disciples also raised others. When preaching is lightly esteemed it dishonours the Church.

Jesus called all men, every-where, to repent of their sins. We must never forget every descendant of Adam is a sinner and this means everyone on earth. Romans 3:23 says, “we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.” The preacher who does not teach about repentance misses one of the fundamentals; one of the building blocks of Christianity. The gospel of Jesus Christ calls all men, regardless of their station in life, to repent. Nobody is exempt or excluded from repentance. It is acknowledging a change of heart and a desire to break away from sinful habits. It is confessing that sin is not good, with heartfelt sorrow and submission, before the throne of Grace. Sincere Repentance and Saving Faith towards Jesus Christ go hand in hand. They cannot be disconnected.

Jesus did not exclude anyone from His preaching: rich and poor, lofty or humble, Jesus preached to all. The gospel of Jesus Christ is to be preached every where. Jesus went about doing good, He performed miracles of kindness and mercy. He transformed lives wherever He went.  He set captives free. The miracles He performed showed His power as the Great Physician. He opened blind eyes, opened deaf ears, made the lame walk and healed the sick of so many infirmities. Not all of Jesus miracles are recorded in the Bible. Historians talk of many more incidences and stories of the miracles this man called Jesus Christ performed. Jesus healed the disease of the heart and soul. Broken hearts and crushed spirits; a people laden with sin and shame. Jesus came to set humanity FREE.

Jesus receives those who come to Him with open arms. If you do not know the Lord Jesus today: Repent because the Kingdom of Heaven is near (Matthew 3:2). Confess your sins before God and receive Jesus into your heart by Faith.

©Ruth Dickson Author UK  Christian Author 20.1.16

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