Rejoice Always in redTo “Rejoice” is not an option for the Christian. It is a command. Press forward today by the power, might and strength of God. Paul encourages Christians everywhere to enjoy the race, just like he did. He endured trials and tribulations, yet he rejoiced. It was so important for Paul to rejoice and he repeated it again and again and again. His life was poured out like a drink offering, yet he rejoiced with them all. (Phillippians 2:17).His TRUST was in the Lord. Enjoy the Christian life. Run your race with joy.
Don’t give up now, just keep moving forward. To rejoice is your portion. Cast off every burden and run, run, run!!!!
©Ruth Dickson Author UK Christian Author 20.1.16
‪#‎runyouracewithJoy‬!!!!!!! ‪#‎GihonPublishingandtranslating‬Rejoice Always in red


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