weekly post 5The loving-kindness of God.

There are many aspects of God, but what do we know about “the loving-kindness of God?”

Human love is one thing, but can you comprehend the fullness of God’s love? It was David’s desire to “hear” the loving-kindness of God in the morning. It was an urgent request when it was needed the most. YOU can also make that same request.

Human nature needs and desires comfort and love, it is part of being human, but it can be sought in the wrong places and from the wrong people. David’s plea was to God alone, he said:

“I put my trust in you, cause me to know the way I should walk.”

It is possible to have misplaced love and misplaced demands upon others. Nobody can love you the way God can.

“I have loved you,” says the Lord (Mal 1:2). God has a covenant of love toward every believer. He loves you so much that He came from Heaven in the person of his son Jesus Christ and specifically died for you. There is no greater love than this…He loved you and gave himself for you (Gal 2:20).

Today you can celebrate the covenant love of God. God chose you to be saved before the foundation of the world. You are so privileged (Eph 1:4-8; John 6:37). God has ALWAYS loved you. Let this be your confidence. Trust in the Lord with all your heart and don’t lean to your own understanding of His love. Pray that you will see His love through His eyes.

Have a lovely day.
©Ruth Dickson Author UK Christian Author 18.1.16
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