weekly post 2

Jesus taught an inestimable lesson on faith in (Mark 11: 22:24). 
Faith commissions and gives us the power to overcome the impossible. What is perceived to be difficult to overcome: even as enormous as a mountain, is removed by faith. Jesus used the symbol of a mountain to show that what ever we pray for, regardless of how impossible it seems, is possible through prayer. Prayer that represents sin will not be answered. Some prayers clearly go against God’s will and plan for our lives and destiny. The prayer that goes in accordance to God’s plan and purpose will be answered. These are prayers that can be said with confidence, boldness and assurance . James 1:6 says we should ask in faith without wavering. Without doubt, the promises of God shall come to pass.

There is nothing too big that true faith cannot obtain. What has God promised you? Lean upon God’s Word and shower it with prayers. Be ready to forgive and let go of anything that will hinder your prayers today (Mark 11:26). Prayers from a forgiving heart will be heard by God (Matt.6:12).
© Ruth Dickson Online Evangelism  #RuthDicksonAuthorUK
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