weekly post 23

Anyone who believes in Jesus must be confident that He answers prayers. Trust in His Word. God will not turn back on His promises. He will not revoke them. Sometimes believers feel that the answer to prayer is dependent on themselves. The answer to prayer is dependent upon the One who has the power to answers prayers.

Believe and do not doubt.

The believer must believe and not doubt the ability of God. He is more than able. Remember the child of God approaches the Father, not in their own name, but in the name of His precious Son “Christ Jesus our Lord.”(Ephesians 3:11). Paul talks about having access to God in boldness and confidence (Ephesians 3:12). Our faith in Jesus Christ gives us this privilege. Every believer in Jesus Christ is privileged. He or she comes boldly before the throne of Grace. There is no comparison to it. Faith is the state of believing. God answers prayers.

No wavering
The believer must not dispute what God has promised to do. God answers prayers. Doubtful thoughts can creep in when a promise is delayed. In Acts 10:19-20 while Peter stood reflecting, trying to understand the vision he had seen, the Spirit of the Lord encouraged Peter not to doubt. The Spirit of the Lord removed Peter’s fears. “Arise, go with them, doubting nothing…” Matthew 21:21 uses the symbol of a mighty mountain. The child of God can even speak to a mountain and “it will be removed and cast into the sea.”

Doubting Thomas
Everyone knows what it means when a person is referred to as a “Doubting Thomas.” Just for the sake of any reader who may have never come across this term (It refers to the disciple Thomas in John 20:24-29. People refer to him as doubting Thomas because he insisted on Physical proof of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

The believer is human, just like Doubting Thomas, but James 1:6 encourages us not to doubt and be like a wave tossed back and forth. The wave of the sea does not rest, it goes back and forth and back and forth again and again. A doubter is just like this sea. Compare this to the person who lies down beside still waters in Psalm 23:2. This person rests in God.

Let every one who believes in Jesus Christ settle their hearts and stand in faith upon the promises of God. Be careful and be anxious for nothing (Philippians 4:6-8). God answers prayers. He performs dumb-founding miracles, even today, Amen.
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