weekly post 16Have you ever eaten stupendously only to still feel hungry at the end of it all?

Jesus Christ is the physician of the soul: He supplies all our spiritual needs. He is our Mediator, Redeemer and Priest. He fills empty souls from a supply that never runs dry. He is life itself: The Bread of Life.

There is beauty in the name: “Bread of Life.” Bread is eaten all over the world, it is universal and can be found on most break-fast tables. People abstain from meat, others vegetables, but Bread is generally eaten by all. Jesus is Bread that is available to all.

Bread is something that can be eaten daily, while most other foods are only eaten occasionally. There is a never a day on this earth that we do not need His blood. We can not live without His righteousness. He intercedes for us daily and covers us with His Grace.

It is only Jesus Christ that can relieve the spiritual hunger of the believer. There is no other name that can satisfy. You could search the whole world for the kind of bread that will never satisfy… Only Jesus can fill an empty conscience and feed a starving soul. This is His business and office.

Many have filled themselves with all sorts of food this Christmas but do not realise they are still hungry. Are you hungry and thirsty today? Come straight to Jesus and eat to your satisfaction. Drink from the well that never runs dry. Jesus is saying to you this today:

“I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst. “

Be filled today, be filled with the “Bread of Life.” It’s a token of His grace.
Celebrate the goodness and greatness of God today. Rejoice and again I say, Rejoice! 26th December 2016
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