“The Lord God shall give Him the throne of his father David.”
Jesus Christ’s title to the throne of David establishes Him as the Messiah. He was the long awaited seed of Abraham, spoken about in the covenant promise of Genesis 22:18. God spoke about Him in his message to King David in 2 Samuel 7.

Jesus has been given all power, both in Heaven and Earth. He has been given all authority to execute judgement. The establishment of an eternal Kingdom can be applied to none other than the highly exalted one, Jesus Christ. King David and King Solomon were given kingdoms that eventually came to an end.

Christ is a more excellent King. He came to earth to save sinners and He shall reign for ever. Of His kingdom, there shall be no end. The Kingdom of Christ is distinguished from every Kingdom of this world.

We can be confident of this: until Christ returns, the gospel shall be preached. The Church will continue to march on in strength and power. Let the name of Jesus be exalted in all the earth. He reigns forever.

©Ruth Dickson Author UK  Christian Author

Day 22 “Behold Emmanuel”

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It’s 3 days until Christmas. 22nd December, 2015.


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