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It is a great joy to see believers walking in great boldness and authority. It was clear that Paul had a deep affection for the Corinthians. O how he loved them, in-spite of their misdemeanours. The love in his heart was far far greater. He would boast about them in the presence of others. He was blunt about them and spoke highly of them wherever he shared the gospel. Despite all his tribulations and the persecutions also experienced by other believers Paul said:

“Great is my boldness of speech towards you.”

“Great is my boasting on your behalf.”

“I am filled with comfort.”

“I am exceedingly joyful in our tribulation.”

These statements speak for themselves. Paul can be described as being joyful, cheerful, merry and jubilant despite it all. (1Thess 5: 16-18). He spoke his mind with the Corinthians. He spoke bold ly of their faults, with no condemnation. It was a sign of his pure heart and love towards them (Proverbs 27:6). Their maturity and endurance under trial spoke volumes, louder than the afflictions they received. Titus brought Paul good news about the Corinthians, they were moving forward in the Zeal of the Lord. It was such a great encouragement to Paul.

Though Paul had no rest from the onslaught of the enemy v.5, he never let it steal his joy. Greater was the One within him (1John 4:4). Paul reminds us never to be discouraged in 2 Cor.4:16. Never to quit or have a double mind about the gospel. Though outwardly we grow weaker, inwardly we grow stronger and stronger. Stronger in faith and stronger in grace. We should be joyous at all times.

Be encouraged today dear brothers and sisters in Christ. Celebrate the goodness and greatness of God. Rejoice always. Rejoice with others in their afflictions, knowing that these trials are for our good and His glory. This is why we call them “light afflictions” (2 Cor .4: 17). When we compare these light afflictions with the glory to come, we can only bow down and say “Be magnified O God.” There is a bigger picture.

Celebrate the goodness and greatness of God today. Rejoice and again I say, Rejoice!
© Ruth Dickson Online Evangelism#RuthDicksonAuthorUK 16.10.15
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2 thoughts on “Deep Love and Great Affection

  1. Thanks for the good work, becoze God always sees the work of his people, may he bless the hands behind ths work, hahaha halellu


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